The Battlestar Republic


Created in secret by the Vandorin Republic in anticipation of an invasion by the Galactic Empire the Battlestar was crafted from the finest materials and technology the Vandorins could supply, buy or… otherwise procure. The crew is composed of the finest officers, pilots, warriors, engineers and spacers that the Vandorin people had to offer. The Battlestar was designed specifically to combat and neutralize the Empires fearsome Star Destroyers. The Republic only had the time, people and resources to create one; The Battlestar Republic.

The prototype weapon (the Battle Devastator) that is at the center of the Battlestar’s destructive arsenal was designed by Vandorin scientists, with key leadership provided by Dr. Persius, the founder and lead engineer of Persius Engineering. Its torpedoes are equipped with special, leading edge technology which allow it to temporarily disable shields in a localized area, completely bypassing the shields and dealing damage directly to the hull. When the hull of an enemy ship is struck by a Devastator Torpedo all personnel in the ship within 10 meters of the blast are instantly killed and any within 50 meters have a high likelihood of being rendered unconscious.

The weapon can only be fired once every minute and the Vandorin engineers who created it believed it could only be fired 2 times consecutively before needing to be taken offline to prevent critical damage to the weapon and/or ship, needing to “cool down” before being fired again. Compounding this limitation is the fact that only 12 Devastator Torpedoes were able to be created before the Galactic Empire invaded Vandor Prime. It is not a weapon that was intended to be used on a regular basis.

Class: Capital Ship
Size: Colossal (2,000 m)
Hyperdrive: x4 (B.U. x18)
Passengers: 15,000 (Troops)
Cargo Capacity: 80,000
Consumables: 8 Years
Crew: 975 – 2,125 (Ace +12)
Initiative: +4 (-8 size, +12 crew)
Maneuver: +4 (-8 size, +12 crew)
Defense: 17 (-8 size, +12 crew)
Shield Points: 300 (DR 30)
Hull Points: 1000 (DR 50)
Cost: Not Available For Sale
(Estimated Cost: 500 Million Cr.)
Max Speed In Space: Cruising (4sq)


Turbo Quadlasers (28): Fire Arc: 8 Front left (partial turret); 8 Front right (partial turret); 4 Rear left (partial turret); 4 Rear right (partial turret); 4 (turret), Attack Bonus: 6/1 (-8 size, 8/3 crew, +6 Fire control), Damage: 6d10 x5, Range: PB +0, S +0, M/L NA

Assault Concussion Missile Tubes (4, 20 ea)

Point Laser Cannons (60)

Turbo Lasers (15)

Heavy Proton Torpedo (6, 16 ea)

Prototype Weapon: Battle Devastator (1)

The Battlestar Republic