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On the Edge of the Outer Rim the Galactic Empire has inevitably invaded the open and freedom loving Vandorin Republic. The Vandorin people, though an open and peace loving people, are no strangers to war and have a respected military culture. In their wisdom the leaders of the Vandorin people had begun preparing for this day years before. A secret weapon, an advanced capital warship, a BATTLESTAR, began construction 5 years earlier.

Created in secret by the Vandorin Republic in anticipation of an invasion by the Galactic Empire the Battlestar was crafted from the finest materials and technology the Vandorins could supply, buy or… otherwise procure. The crew is composed of the finest officers, pilots, warriors, engineers and spacers that the Vandorin people had to offer. The Battlestar was designed specifically to combat and neutralize the Empires fearsome Star Destroyers. The Republic only had the time, people and resources to create one; The Battlestar Republic.

The ship was just completing construction, ordinance and personnel were still in the process of completing transfer ship side when the first Star Destroyers and Imperial cruisers began dropping out of hyperspace into Vandorin space….


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